How to Tackle with the IIT JEE Entrance Exam Pressure? Some Suggestions

Published: 13th April 2011
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Tackle to IIT JEE entrance pressure is a point to discussion at the moment. Every IIT aspirant, who is preparing for IIT JEE Entrance Exam, will appear in the test with a big dream & pressure of expectation to crack prestigious IIT JEE this hard-nut exam with high rank. Appearing in this entrance exam is just like getting fretful along with many sleepless nights for him. Glenn Turner has truly said about anxiety, "Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. An IIT aspirant wants to get admission in these Top IITs at any rate.

But by well preparation, anyone can get success in this exam. For start your IIT preparation, you should prepare a chart for study in such a way that you cover your syllabus in time and moreover, you also get good time for revising it. This way, you will gain your full confidence to complete your IIT syllabus on time. After completing your syllabus, you should start your revision. Besides, you can also evaluate your exam preparation by attempting online mock tests at the regular intervals. By taking IIT JEE practice test papers, you can build your confidence and it can reduce your exam stress. Furthermore, donít de-motivate yourself or bogged down by other studentsí success. You should always keep in your mind that nothing is impossible in this world. Believe in yourself and prepare well for the exam. Give a proper time to each subject as IIT JEE preparation requires continuous effort. Devote your time equally to each subject every day in order to avoid lack of interest towards study. Join any best coaching institute as proper guidance is necessary for achieving success in this competitive world. Clear all your doubts related to the concepts from your teachers and seniors. This will help you to get top rank in IIT JEE. Besides, note down all important formulas at one place just to avoid any inconvenience during exam time.

Apart from this, you should always maintain a nine hour sleep because good sleeping may help your brain to regain its power. The key factor of achieving is being relaxed. You can do yoga or meditation at home to reduce your exam stress. It will calm your mind and build your confidence level again. Besides, always include nutrient foods in your daily diet such as fruits, green leafs, cereals etc. It will help you to fight against exam stress for IIT JEE. To sum up, if you prepare well yourself for the IIT JEE exam, you can definitely get admission in your dream IIT engineering college.

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